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infant program

Infant Program

An infant needs nurturing, warmth, security, laughter, and love...and all are in plentiful supply at CreekStone Academy. Babies learn through all five senses, so our infant program is designed to stimulate those senses and enable your infant to constantly explore his or her world.

  • Infants are most comfortable with routine. Our caregivers will work with you to set up a nap/bottle routine that allows easy transition between home and school.
  • Nanny Cam offers parents the ability to view your infant's day via the internet.
  • One-on-one time for rocking, baby massage, peek-a-boo, and conversation in a variety of voices will be an integral part of your baby's day.
  • Circle Time daily: songs, stories, finger plays, puppet play, and ball.
  • Sensory, art activities: Playing with textures, in water, and first hand prints!
  • Play area consists of room to sit, roll, or crawl with toys, and books that are within their grasp.
  • Playground: Infants go outside daily...sometimes for a stroll, and sometimes just to feel the breeze and watch bubbles flow by.
  • Tummy time helps develop motor skills used in pushing up, crawling, and pulling up.
  • Sign language will be used daily in our infant room.

Our infants will be allowed to build social skills and improved communication skills. They will grow in physical abilities, and will explore their own curiousity and imagination at their own pace in a loving environment.