Childcare Education Programs

Pre-school Program

preschool girl readingOur pre-school programs are specifically tailored to your child's age and developmental needs.  Our goal is to give your child a head start for their school years while making it fun to learn.

  • Communication Skills: We will encourage your child to share wants, needs and thoughts in a warm and caring environment. Children will have opportunities to share their opinions with teachers and friends, and practice listening to others.
  • Social Skills:  We will support your child's social development by encouraging positive play and sharing, which will boost confidence. We will also start activities to encourage your child to become independent.
  • Cognitive Skills: Children will be encouraged to develop logical thinking and problem solving skills through new games and completing basic tasks. We will also introduce basic reading, math and science topics and encourage children to be curious and explore colors, plants, animals and the natural world around them.
  • Physical Skills: By playing games, children will use all of their major muscle groups. We will focus on running, jumping, balance and coordination. Younger children will also continue work with fine motor skills.