Childcare Education Programs

Private Pre-K Program

Four year olds have an amazing capacity to learn and absorb materials when introduced to them through a variety of creative activities. CreekStone Academy is committed to the whole child by offering a supportive, positive, fun, interactive, and structured learning program for your four year old. Through consistent praise and encouragement, your child's enthusiasm for learning blossoms. Our staff and curriculum prepares our pre-k learning, improved social interaction skills, self-esteem, and the knowledge of the importance of character. Your four year old's curiousity will be greeted and supported daily through strong lesson plans that include:

  • Literature: opens the door to imagination, and discovery
  • Language Arts: from stories to crazy songs, language is reviewed daily throughout the day using methods from the fun and quirky to actual table top work.
  • Pre-Writing Skills: mazes, dots-to-dots, word searches that will increase your child's skills and confidence and prepare them to further expand writing skills.
  • Pre-reading Development: connecting sounds to words through phoneme, and phonic awareness
  • Art: self-expression using a variety of mediums
  • Music: better appreciation through exploration of music around the world
  • Math Concepts: Not limited to a lesson plan, but implemented throughout your child's day by exploring, classifying, comparing, balancing, weighing, measuring, and sorting
  • Science: improving understanding of the world, and anture through hands on activities, experiments, and field trips
  • Social Studies: Exploration of our own community as well as music, food, dress, and art of different cultures
  • Spanish: when introduced early to a 2nd language it expands knowledge and comprehension of one's first language
  • Computer Lab: further developing computer skills through educational games that will make learning fun and easy
  • P.E.: team sports aide in development of character, and self-esteem
  • Culinary Arts: cultivating a taste for something other than chicken fingers is easier when cooking is a process children are involved in from recipe choice and preparation to the final dish.
  • Daily outdoor play on a trike/scooter trail, equipment that promotes running, jumping, climbing, sliding, and balancing as well as an exciting water park on the premises.
  • Field Trips are integrated into our monthly themes which helps add meaning to learning.
  • Assessments are performed twice yearly.

At CreekStone Academy, management and staff want to be your partner in your child's whole growth and development experience, and we eagerly welcome each new little smiling face to our school!