About CreekStone Academy

Tips for Your Child's First Day at CreekStone Academy

mother with childThe first day at CreekStone Academy can be hard for you and your child, so here are some tips that can make the transition go a little more smoothly for everyone. Just remember that it will get easier over time as you establish a new routine. Everyone here at CreekStone will be working to make your child feel at home, relaxed and having fun.

  • Prepare your child in advance by having subtle discussions of how much fun they will have at CreekStone.
  • Arrange an advance visit to the Academy so your child can see the playground and classrooms as well as meet the staff.
  • Make shopping for the uniform fun and exciting.
  • Don't rush getting ready the first day, prepare enough time to have a great breakfast and talk about the day.
  • Keep your emotions in check when leaving your child, act happy and wait to cry after you leave.
  • Let your child bring a favorite small toy or book with them.
  • Log-in to our website (restricted to parents only) and watch video of your child.
  • Get to know the teachers/staff and communicate your child's individual needs as well as to establish an open channel of communication.
  • Don't be alarmed if your child cries when you leave.