About CreekStone Academy

A Nationally Admired Brand

by creating a culture that improves the lives of children and families

Eddie and Yvette Drake opened their first Child Care Center location in October of 1988 on Snapfinger Park Drive in Decatur, Georgia. Eddie and Yvette both graduated from Georgia Tech with degrees in Mechanical Engineering. They began their careers with Eddie working for Rockwell International in Duluth, Georgia, and Yvette working for Frito-Lay in Chamblee, Georgia. After having their first child and placing him in a local child care center, being highly educated and technical engineers with a family history rooted in education, they knew that there was something missing. Although their child was being well cared for while they were at work, he was not getting the learning experience and foundation they felt was needed to prepare him for a lifetime of learning. So Yvette resigned her engineering position and purchased their first child care center.

The Child Care Center was new at that time and did not have all the required tools or learning curriculum in place so Yvette went to work right away designing learning activities and securing a curriculum she felt would benefit each and every child from infants to twelve years old. She created tutoring programs and encouraged an open dialogue with parents. Her approach was a success. Word spread throughout the community and the preschool was in high demand. Yvette went further designing learning activities and a first class curriculum for the new locations to come.

With fresh success behind her, Yvette opened her second child care center location on South Deshon Road in Lithonia, Georgia in May of 1995. Her reputation for safety, learning and teaching children the necessary skills to succeed followed her to this new location. Yvette opened her third location on Peachtree Industrial Blvd in Duluth, Georgia in August of 2001. In 2008 CreekStone Academy was founded. After branding and preparing a great system with simple procedures for duplication Yvette opened the first branded CreekStone Academy in 2013.

CreekStone Academy is an established leader in early childhood education in Georgia and continues to innovate throughout the industry. Child safety and learning is considered to be a top priority throughout the organization. CreekStone Academy periodically inspects each center to ensure that safety and learning standards set by the organization are being followed. We understand that safety and learning are both key components to a successful learning experience. The CreekStone Academy quality inspection personnel are experienced and have worked in the industry for many years, often having 3 or more years of experience in the child care industry.

Safety and Learning continues to be among the highest priority for us at CreekStone Academy. We will continue to build upon our strong foundation offering quality learning in a safe environment.