Toddler Program

Our walkers group abounds with energy and curiousity. With them, it is all about cause and effect! At CreekStone Academy, we greet these little movers enthusiastically with caring, experienced staff members, a proven routine, and a stimulating program that allows them to explore the world around them in a secure, fun, and loving environment!

Continued sign language, which empowers them with the ability to communicate, and diffuses frustration.

We maintain a curriculum that is sculpted to meet their fast-paced minds and constantly moving bodies, including:
  • Daily Circle Time

    Daily Circle Time promotes social, emotional, and language skills through song, dance, and stories.

  • Outdoor Play

    Outdoor play is a daily part of their routine on a playground that offers age-appropriate equipment which encourages walking, running, and climbing.

  • Drama & Center Play

    Drama and Center play allows our toddlers to push the limits of their imaginations daily, and enables them to socialize at their own pace.

  • Positive Learning Foundation

    Weekly specials include: Spanish, Art, & Music Appreciation.

    Our trained teachers will continue to further promote self-esteem through many activities that encourage self-help skills, strengthen fine & gross motor skills, and games that encourage socialization and emotional development. At the same time our qualified staff members are giving care, they are also acting as cheerleaders once our little tods are ready to be introduced to potty training.

Other activities include:
  • Language and speech development
  • Introduction to colors
  • Introduction to numbers
  • Art (exploring different mediums that develop fine motor skills)
  • Music
  • Creative movement (large motor skill development)