CreekStone Academy Scholarship Program Application

Are you a high school senior with dreams of pursuing higher education? CreekStone Academy is proud to announce the launch of our exclusive college scholarship program designed to support and inspire our esteemed alumni as they embark on their college journey.

Application Instructions

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Enrollment at CreekStone Academy: The applicant or their parents must have been a former student or employee at CreekStone Academy.
  2. Applicants must be currently enrolled in high school.

Program Highlights:

  1. Financial Assistance: Our scholarship program aims to provide financial support to deserving individuals who have shown exceptional dedication to their academic pursuits and community involvement.
  2. Encouragement for Higher Education: CreekStone Academy firmly believes in the power of education as a catalyst for personal and professional growth. We are committed to helping our alumni pursue their dreams by offering financial aid for college tuition and related expenses.
  3. Application Process: Applying for the CreekStone Academy Scholarship is a straightforward and transparent process. Interested candidates are required to submit the following documents:
    • Completed application form below or in-person at the CreekStone Academy office.
    • Proof of enrollment in high school.
    • Proof of CreekStone Academy alumni status (student or parent).
    • Personal essay.
  4. Selection Committee: Our scholarship committee will thoroughly review all applications and select recipients based on but not necessarily limited to factors such as academic merit, extracurricular involvement and community service.
  5. Legal Compliance: CreekStone Academy is fully committed to adhering to all applicable laws and regulations governing scholarship programs in the state of Georgia. Our scholarship program follows ethical and legal guidelines to ensure fairness and equality in the selection process and distribution of funds.
  6. Award Amount: The scholarship committee determines the scholarship amount based on the availability of funds and at its sole discretion.

Investing in the Future:

CreekStone Academy has been a pillar of educational excellence and community support for years. Through our scholarship program, we aim to invest in the future of our alumni, fostering their growth and success as they enter the realm of higher education.

Join us in this exciting endeavor as we empower the next generation of leaders, innovators, and changemakers. Together, let’s make dreams come true and forge a brighter future.

For further information and application details, please visit our website or contact the CreekStone Academy office.

Scholarship Application